RC SCENE - Safe NOT Scam! - News for End Users

RC SCENE - Safe NOT Scam! - News for End Users


NPS vulgo Research Chemicals are often shitty recreational drugs with an unknown risk profile. The industry is corrupt as hell, defined by greed, lies, and aggressive behavior. Self-medication with NPS is ridiculous. If NPS were any good, they would be a prescription medicine.

And yet, there is something about bypassing legislation. There is something about not accepting governments banning everything.

Access to Benzodiazepines, Empathogenes, Stimulants, or Dissociatives involves risk. I am proud that the RC SCENE community does not glorify substance abuse and can distinguish between hard/scheduled/banned drugs and (still) legal NPS.

Eighty thousand visits last month, 48% percent of visitors living in the US, and that although the US and CANDA pages are on holiday, I consider a great success. Thank you for your trust and your generous support.

The newsletter will not only provide links to articles on RC SCENE but also other blogs, websites, Tweets, news, and, of course, it will feature comedy and music.

I will try to give away a freebie with every newsletter. This week, it's going to be 2 T-Shirts.

Thank you for sticking with RC SCENE!

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