RC SCENE - News for End Users!

RC SCENE - News for End Users!


NPS vulgo Research Chemicals are often shitty recreational drugs with an unknown risk profile. The industry is corrupt as hell, defined by greed, lies, and aggressive behaviour.

Self-medication with NPS is ridiculous. If NPS were any good, they would be prescription medicine.

And yet, there is something about the idea ...
I do not want others to tell me to better not or ...

... risk my health, brains, career, friends, family, savings, home ...

... that life you had not felt happy about in the first place, which is why you paid real money for false hopes?

Oh, it did not do the trick? Quel malheur !
So you do even more drugs now? Of course, I do!

I am not going to spam you with a newsletter that is not about drugs. We would never have met if it wasn't for drugs. Would we even notice each other if it wasn't for substance abuse?

What to expect?
Let there be rock.

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